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MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")

MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
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MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")
MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")

MagBak for iPhone 12 (6.1")

 30 day returns
 1 year warranty

A minimalist protective case and mounting solution for iPhone 12. Mounts your phone to your car, kitchen, and anywhere else. 

  • New and improved design for iPhone 12 lineup.
  • Supports iPhone wireless charging. 
  • Compatible with MagBak Wallet.


  • MagBak Case for iPhone 12 (6.1 inch).
  • 2 MagSticks with 3M adhesive backing.
  • 1 year warranty - Free replacements if anything happens.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 

All the functions you love in a new and improved design.

Effortless Mounting

Patented auto-alignment technology makes mounting a breeze.

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Strong Hold

Industrial strength magnets provide a strong secure hold.

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Maximum Protection

Raised corners, air-cushions and tough materials.

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Minimalist Design

Invisible mounting mechanism in a thin profile.

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Wireless Charging

Mounting mechanism positioned to support wireless charging.

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Mount Anywhere

Mount to any metal surface. Use MagStick anywhere else.

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Mount effortlessly in portrait or landscape.
Strong hold in extreme conditions.
Raised corners, air-cushions, and tough materials offer maximum protection.

Added corner protection.

Minimalist Design only adds 10% thickness.

iPhone 12

0.37in (9.3mm)*

MagBak Case

0.41in (10.6mm)

* Thickness includes camera.

Supports wireless charging and won't intefere with MagSafe.

Perfect with MagBak Charger.


*MagBak Charger on MagBak Stand.

Fast Qi Charging

Up to 20% faster charging than standard wireless chargers.

Simple Mounting

MagBak Case and Charger auto-align to easily mount in portrait or landscape.

Active Cooling

Patent pending aluminum body and fan design provides extraordinary heat management.

With MagBak Bridge,
you can turn Apple's MagSafe Charger into a powerful mount.


Expanded Function

Mount in the car or at home with MagStick and MagBak Stand.

Simple Mounting

Auto-aligns to easily mount in portrait or landscape.

Be more minimalist with MagBak Wallet.



Quickly attach and detach from your MagBak Case or MagStache.


Mounts, kickstands your phone, and holds cards + cash.


Two steel plates provide RFID shielding and magnetic protection.


Put on any car dash using
damage-free 3M adhesive.

Two included with every case.

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