Designed to be minimal, elegant, and exceptionally functional.

MagBak Case

A minimalist protective case and mounting solution for iPhone. Mounts your phone to your car, kitchen, and anywhere else. 

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MagBak Wallet

A minimal, elegant, practical, and multifunctional wallet. Attaches magnetically to your MagSafe iPhone or MagBak Case.

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MagBak MultiCharger

3 in 1 Wireless Charger for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. Save time, space, and eliminate messy wires.

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MagBak KeyTag

Sleek and compact with room for an Airtag so you always know where your keys are.

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Wireless Charger

Wireless phone charger and car mount with MagSafe support. Charge your phone at ultra-fast speeds with active cooling.

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  • "MagBak is nice because it has magnets built into it"

  • "Elegant and brilliant are words that come to mind"

  • "MagBak Sticks Your iPad To Your Fridge, Your Hands, Your Smart Cover"

  • "MagBak so thin, it doesn't even look like it's meant to mount an iPad at all"

  • "The universality of the MagBak system is genuinely clever"

  • "It's a very good idea. Should of thought of it myself"

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    Our team includes engineers, computer scientists, and technical consultants. We strive to find the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.

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    We are based in California. We ship directly to our customers all over the world from our Los Angeles warehouses.

  • Kickstarter Born

    Our first product was launched via Kickstarter in 2013. We thank our customers and backers for allowing us to create and deliver products we love.

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    We want you to love our products as much as we do. We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee with every purchase on our online store.