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Phones Are Dirty

Germs from everything you touch end up on your phone.

Germs on door handle
Germs on shopping cart
Germs on parking meter
Germs on gas pump

Using Glo Germ to illustrate germs.

The best time to clean your phone is when you clean your hands. Otherwise, you're just transferring germs back and forth.

~30 Seconds

Halo's rapid cleaning process allows you to sanitize your phone every time you clean your hands. It kills 99.9% of germs safely and effectively.

Before sanitization.

Before Halo

After sanitization

After Halo

Halo size Halo size

Touchless Operation

Simply drop in your phone to start the cleaning process. Your phone is raised and presented for you to take after it is finished avoiding cross-contamination.

Halo size Halo size

Fits Any Phone

Halo's large entry slot accommodates anything from the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max (with a case) to a plain old iPhone 5.

Halo size Halo size

Compact Elegance

Halo is crafted out of a solid piece of aluminum. It is bead blasted and anodized to give it a beautiful finish. Its small profile allows you to put it where space is limited.

Halo size Halo size

All-around Cleaning

Your phone is lowered through a ring of UV-C LED's guaranteeing that every surface is sanitized.


Long-lasting Technology

20 digitally controlled UV-C LED's are at the heart of Halo's implementation. They provide over 10,000+ hours of operation, are mercury free, and require no maintenance.


Prioritized Safety

Halo is designed with safety as a priority. Sensors ensure that the UV-C LEDs turn on only when a phone is detected. The patented entry slot design guarantees no light leaks during operation.

Safety diagram


Small size but roomy enough to fit any phone (with or without a case).

Length:195mm (7.7in)
Width:56mm (2.2in)
Height:155mm (6.1in)
Length:173mm (6.8in)
Width:19mm (0.75in)


The latest in sanitation technology.

Power Input:12V DC / 3A
UV-C LED Count:20 × 20mW
UV-C LED Lifespan:10,000 hours +
UV-C Range:260nm - 280nm
Sanitation time:< 1 minute
Specifications subject to change. Patented technology.