MagBak Phone Case

Protect your phone. Mount it anywhere.

Patents: US9704632, US10134517, US11058194

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MagBak Wallet

Minimal, elegant, practical, and multi-functional.

Patents: US11864641B2, US11058194B2

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MagBak Wireless Charger

Charge quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly.

Patents: US11058194

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Beautiful and minimal magnetic mount.

Patents: US10134517, US11058194

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MagBak MultiCharger

Elegant and minimalist. Charge one, charge all!

Patents: US11058194

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MagBak Halo

A touchless ultra-fast sanitizer for your phone.

Patents: US20230321293A1, US11033645

Main Hero | MAIN

MagBak RimCase

Shields and protects wheels from curb rash.

Patents: U.S. Patent No. D988223, US11833857, US11890895B1, USD982498S1

MagBak Tesla wireless Charger | MBT3Y-DG

Wireless Charger For Tesla

MagSafe Mount and Charger for your phone.

Patents: US11945371B2