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Halo uses UV-C light to kill germs and viruses in just 30 seconds. Its rapid cleaning process allows you to sanitize your phone whenever you wash your hands. It kills 99.9% of germs safely and effectively.

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  • MagBak Halo
  • US AC adapter 12V-3A
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~30 Seconds

Halo's rapid cleaning process allows you to sanitize your phone every time you clean your hands. It kills 99.9% of germs safely and effectively.


Simply drop in your phone to start the cleaning process. Your phone is raised and presented for you to take after it is sanitized, avoiding cross-contamination.

Fits Any Phone

Halo's large entry slot accommodates anything from the largest iPhone 13 Pro Max (with a case) to a plain old iPhone 5.

Compact Elegance

Halo is crafted out of a solid piece of aluminum. It is bead blasted and anodized to give it a beautiful finish. Its small profile allows you to put it where space is limited.

All-around Cleaning

Your phone is lowered through a ring of UV-C LED's guaranteeing that every surface is sanitized.

Lasting Technology

20 digitally controlled UV-C LED's are at the heart of Halo's implementation. They provide over 10,000+ hours of operation, are mercury free, and require no maintenance.

Prioritized Safety

Halo is designed with safety as a priority. Sensors ensure that the UV-C LEDs turn on only when a phone is detected. The patented entry slot design guarantees no light leaks during operation.


Small size but roomy enough to fit any phone (with or without a case).

Length: 198.4mm (7.8in)

Width: 59.3mm (2.3in)

Height: 158.4mm (6.2in)

Opening Length: 173mm (6.8in)

Opening Width: 19mm (0.75in)


The latest in sanitation technology.


Material: Aluminum

Power Input: 12V DC / 3A

UV-C LED Count: 20 × 20mW

UV-C LED Lifespan: 10,000+ hours

UV-C Range: 260nm - 280nm

Specifications subject to change. Patented technology.